You need repeat customers to have a successful long-term creative business.

Repeat customers are the easiest customers.  Think about it, they know your product or service. They trust your brand.  Most importantly, you already have a relationship with them.  It is easier and cheaper to get someone to buy from you if they have bought from you before.  So what does it take to turn a new customer into that favored repeat customer.  Here’s a couple of tips:

1) Have a great product or service at a competitive price.

When you have a quality product or service, it will usually sell itself.  Your customers will come back because they value and trust your product or service and your price is competitive.

2) Keep in touch

Sometimes your clients forget about you.  Send them a thank you note for doing business with you. Notify your clients when you offer new products or have promotions.  Not only is this a good gesture, but it keeps you on the clients mind.

3 ) Offer special discounts to repeat customers

Everyone loves a sale.  Offering a special discount to your customers makes them feel appreciated.  It makes clients feel like they are getting something exclusive.  It makes clients feel important.

Source of article:  Black Owned Business