Business Growth

I struggled to come up with a topic for my second blog.  I wanted to provide a number one business tip.  I searched throughout the internet researching several business tips, but could not find one that I could make personal to my audience.  So, I stepped back from “Mr. Computer” and asked myself,  “If I am just hanging out with my friends talking about business success, what would I talk about?”  Then, I remembered this Bible verse.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”.  – Romans 8:28

This is the perfect topic!

I could just tell the story of my current success.  It started after college when I obtained my first job as an engineer.  Life was great and the pay was equally great.  I traveled 100% around the United States on the company’s tab.  During this time, I was still figuring out ideas on how to create my own real wealth.   I tried everything from Data Backup Services to Multi-Level Marketing.   I even invested in starting a day care center like my dad.  Nothing panned out for me, … but  hey,  at least I tried! A couple of years later was the start of my storm.  The telecom industry began massive layoffs after September 11, 2001.  I was laid off from my job and there was no other engineering company hiring in my field.   I remained unemployed for 7 months until I received word that an old college friend, Trinard Franklin, was starting his own company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   Well, I didn’t have to be a really smart engineer to figure out that I needed to get back to Louisiana. As an IT Consultant, things were starting to turn around.

 We were profitable during our first year of business.

I learned a lot from Trinard about business operations and sacrifice.   In order to contribute the most to the business, I focused on my strength consisting of web design, hosting and digital marketing.  It wasn’t easy, but with hard work, we were able to grow our business from a two man shop into an office building housing 7 employees. After a few years, I decided to return back to college and obtain my master’s degree in engineering.  I finished my masters program in two years.  I was offered a position with a great company in Tucson, Arizona and an opportunity to attend LSU’s PhD program.  However, I chose to move to the desert.

I know what you are saying … THE DESERT!

I asked myself the same thing the entire time I traveled on the plane to my new home. It’s funny how things turn around.  I started Studio Green, L.L.C. a month before moving to continue offering web services, not knowing if success or failure was ahead of me.  Since being in Tucson, I have met great mentors and other successful business owners.  On average, my client base has tripled every year since I began the company.  The irony of this story is that the business I am starting to be successful in is the same thing I loved to do for free.  I would probably not be where I am now if it had not been for all the past struggles, failures, and let downs. I probably would have been content with my 9 to 5 job.  It was my biggest confirmation that all things really do work together for  good to them that love God!