People are always asking, “Why the high prices?”  The majority of the time, potential clients have received price quotes from other web developers that, for the most part, are well over their budget.  When explaining the breakdown in my prices and the competitors, I somewhat end up defending them.

The reason there is such a big fluctuation in web design costs is due to not only the professional look or the advanced features, but also the number of individuals working on creating your site.  If I had to employ a salesperson, a graphic designer, a programmer, and sometimes a project manager, that would be a minimum of five people that would go into the cost of the website.  There would be various meetings, design mock ups, signing off on a design, and then onto development, which means likely taking a basic web template code meeting the exact requirements of the customer.

But what really matters? The means, or the end?  Most website developers charge you for the means, not the end.  This isn’t unreasonable – after all, they have to make a profit, and their means of developing a website is not cheap.  What will you get as a result? You may be paying high costs because development costs are high, but getting a poor website as an end result.

Many people mistake high prices for website development as an indication that the end-result website will be of high quality.

So when you collect quoted prices for a website, you should also ask developers how many people are involved, how long is the development time, etc.  Even if it’s one person developing your site, the quoted price is related very closely to development costs, which is absolutely no indicator as to the quality of the website you’ll be getting.