Unless you are working directly with a home or commercial builder, most of your lead opportunities as a plumber will come as a result of emergencies. Home owners will not know when the sewer will start backing up, plumbing starts failing, or when their three-year-old decides to learn how many toys can flush down a toilet. Generally, they are not going to call a plumber until they need one. This list of tips will help you make sure that you will be the first plumber they call!

Mobile Friendly Website
In this day in age, most people will quickly use their mobile phone to look up a local plumber. If your website is not mobile friendly (responsive), then Google, Bing, and Yahoo will make it hard for your website to be in the top results. You will benefit in two ways by having a mobile friendly site:

  • Better search results
  • Happier potential customers (Because of the user-friendly mobile site)

Blog your best stories and work
With today’s FREE social media platforms, you have access to advertise your business success stories for free. Take some pictures, write a few words (plumbing tips), and post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc… By doing this, you will start to become a “go to” expert in your social media circles. It’s not hard or time consuming and it will be worth the effort.

First Impressions
This first impression is when they see your website. You want to make sure your site represents the professional service you provide. This will help build your business credibility. The appearance of your site can make or break a sale and possibly the success of your company.

Contact Information
Please, please make sure your contact information is easy to find, not just on your website, but also in the search results and your social media pages. Don’t lose a potential customer because they got frustrated because they could not find your phone number.

All of these tips can be easily implemented. StudioGreen offers a free consultation to show and guide you to your growth and success.

Give us a call (866-942-4580) or just shoot us an email (support@gostudiogreen.com)

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