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We understand that you need more than just the standard technical support for your website services. Running your business or organization can be time-consuming. With our technical support you will not only receive technical support for your website, but expert assistance.



We are constantly evaluating and upgrading your networks to keep your website safe.  Due to an increase in cyber threats, we have locked down login access to the backend of our hosted wordpress websites.  If you would like to gain access from your current location, please have the approve user (owner) of the website to send us the IP Address(s) below.

My Current Location’s IP Address(s):,

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a current client. How do I get help with my website?

You can give us a call or email us at support@gostudiogreen.com.

How do I train a new staff member to use my site?

We’re happy to provide free trainings; it’s part of your website design package!  Give us a call or send us an email to set up a training.

I’m locked out of my website. How do I get back in?

If you’re locked out of your site, there is a “Lost Your Password” link at the bottom on the login form.  You can also contact us and we’ll get your access back quickly. (Want to prevent getting locked out in the future? Don’t try your password more than three times in 15 minutes; if three tries haven’t worked, take a 15-minute break before trying again to avoid getting locked out.)

I think my site is down/I’m afraid I’ve been hacked!

Call us immediately, and we’ll check into the problem, find out if you’ve been attacked and make sure you’re back up and running. Don’t want to call? Feel free to email.

Access Your Webmail

cPanel Webmail offers for following features:

  •  Access your email account through any browser or mobile device.
  • Access your Webmail email account anywhere.
  • Protects your inbox from spam

Studio Green has always been available, informative and kind whenever we have needed website support. We highly recommend this business!

Sue Cummings

Clinical Herbalist, Ruth's Nutrition


Our strategists have put together successful solutions for businesses and organizations ranging from local non-profits to publicly traded companies. They’ll do the same for you. Request a free quote and experience why Studio Green is ranked as one of Huntsville’s best Web agencies.

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