Customers connect with memorable logos. Your logo represents your company and defines your brand. Creating a good logo takes time, a solid process and maybe even a few revisions before you have the logo you really love.  It’s definitely worth the time and effort to create a logo your customers will remember.

Not sure where to start with your logo design? Sure, it’s a big project, but breaking the design process down into smaller steps can help you from beginning to end.

Start by choosing a professional designer to help you map out your logo design journey and avoid any last minute errors. When working with a logo designer, keep these quick tips in mind to be sure you end up with a logo you and your customers will love:

  • Keep your logo clear, distinct and memorable.
  • Make sure your logo looks good everywhere and in every size – on screens, t-shirts, business cards and even billboards.
  • Don’t weigh your logo down with too much text. Keep it simple and make sure you have a strong, short tagline.
  • Your logo should reflect the nature of your industry. A playful logo for a law firm probably won’t send potential customers a good message.
  • Ditch the stock photos and invest in your own original imagery.  Also, avoid any pre-designed templates that might make your logo look too similar to another company’s.
  • While it’s not a bad idea to use color, don’t use too many colors and be sure to understand the psychology behind color theory.

Never settle for anything less than a logo you absolutely love. Keep working with your designer until your logo is exactly what you want. Once you have a logo you love, customers will love it too.

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