Waaycool Handlines

WaayCool Handlines, located in north Alabama, has been manufacturing fishing handlines since 2006, with US and international sales coming primarily via direct internet sales (waaycool.com) and also through a few select retailers. Over the years, handline fishing accessories (shock absorbers, gloves, handline handles, lures, swivels, hooks, etc) have been added to the product line. The company is structured as a single member LLC, “WaayCool, LLC”, owned by Mark Thimsen, the single member.  Every handline component is chosen for quality and performance, and each handline is carefully crafted by Mark.

Previous Website

Waaycool inquired about simplifying their website and integrating all its different components. With a slicker full-screen look, Waaycool wanted a solution where customers could easy obtain information they are looking for and purchase products they are interested in.


Our designers were thrilled to take Waaycool’s existing website, brand guidelines, and established messaging to create site wireframes for a fully immersive experience that serves as a member resource.
With Waaycool’s new online shopping cart, they now have the following capabilities:
  • Optimized Marketing Layout
  • User-friendly Product Search
  • Tax and Shipping Calculations
  • Bitcoin Payment Option