K Wilkins Photography

Kurtis is simply a man who loves Love, spending time with his wife and family, and taking photographs. “Photography is a passion that will undoubtedly cause me more gray hairs, but it’s worth it,” says Kurtis.  He came to Studio Green for help to upgrade his online presence to match the great service they offer.  We were able to design the type of website he envisioned representing his company by starting out with three great draft concepts.
RESPONSIVE DESIGN As mobile browsing continues to eclipse desktop surfing, it becomes increasingly apparent that building specific apps for the major mobile platforms is an arduous and expensive undertaking. Why not build a website once and have it work seamlessly across thousands of different screen sizes—from a smartphone to a 27” monitor? Because many of iK9’s leads are met on the road at trade shows, it was imperative to scale the site down to mobile devices without sacrificing design or functionality—allowing easy reading and navigation without the drudgery of resizing, panning, and constantly scrolling.
THE APPOINTMENTS The appointment calendar feature allows just another step further to convenience for the Mr Wilkins and his customers.  His customers can now easily and quickly have a real-time glance at his availability.  With two clicks of a button, they can submit a request to book him on that special day!