Fordumas Law Firm

Fordumas LLC is a full service law, consulting and mediation firm located in beautiful Huntsville, Alabama.  They provide innovative solutions to help their client’s business run effectively.  They seek to help our clients maximize their quality of life and minimize stress.  Fordumas’ goal is to give their clients the best services and peace of mind in knowing that they are placing their future in capable hands.

Previous Website

Fordumas inquired about simplifying their website and integrating all its different components. Fordumas wanted a solution where their clients can easy obtain information they are looking for.


Our designers were thrilled to take Fordumas’ existing website, brand guidelines, and established messaging to create site wireframes for a fully immersive experience that serves as a member resource.
Fordumas design project consisted of the following services:
  • Custom Designed Graphics
  • Custom Designed Logo
  • Tab-selectable Services
  • Contact Form