Mobile App Services

Custom Mobile Apps to fit your Organization

Based on’ 2014 report, “The fuel driving mobile’s relentless growth is primarily app usage, which alone makes up a majority of total digital media engagement at 52 percent. “ The days of desktop dominance are over!


TIME is one of the most precious commodities people have, they try to spend it wisely. People spend more time consuming digital media on mobile devices than on a desktop and this trend will definitely continue. Social networking, listening music, watching videos and playing games represent the bulk of what people do with their smartphones and tables. Essentially it’s about communication and entertainment, two things that help people to cope with the level of stress in today’s world.

Around Us Tab

Display points of interest on a map with info pages and GPS directions.

Music Tab

Upload music – allowing users to play music or buy tracks via iTunes or 7Digita.

Call us Tab

One-touch calling from inside the app.

Notepad Tab

Allow users to take notes and store them in the app.

Food Order Tab

Allow customers to order food with the option for delivery, pick-up, or dine-in.

Reservation Tab

Allow users to schedule appointments or make reservations which automatically upload to your calendar with a built in reminder.

Image Gallery Tab

Display images in a beautiful gallery with layout options of either carousel or a grid.

Tip Calculator Tab

Calculate the tip and what each person owes for parties of two or more.



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