A well-considered business logo design succinctly and accurately represents the promise, personality, and product of the organization. A logo serves as the face of a company, and getting it right makes all the difference in the world for achieving the recognition and marketing position you want.

Think about the logos that resonate most with you. They probably share some similar characteristics. Here are a handful of traits of compelling company logo design:

Clean and simple

One glance at the world’s most famous logos can remind people of feelings and associations related to brand credibility and experience. A simple and uncluttered symbol for your business can trigger automatic positive human responses. After all, many children recognize logos before they learn their ABCs! Keep it clean to quickly portray certainty and stability.

Three-second hook

A potential customer should be able to catch on to the meaning of your business logo design within three seconds of a first glimpse. Making people work to decipher your logo creates a lose-lose situation. Customers and suppliers lose interest, and you lose ground to competitors. Find out if your logo communicates effectively by asking for honest evaluations of design options prior to choosing one.

Memorable and motivating

The world’s best logos have a knack for imprinting on the brain and triggering action. When people see a well-designed logo, especially after experience with the brand, they quickly recall the experience and seek it again.

Uniformed in black and white

Logos containing multiple colors and fonts tend to appear cluttered, which can distract viewers and make it hard to understand the intended message. Logo designs that rely on multiple colors can also be very expensive to print, possibly making letterhead and other collateral more challenging and much pricier to produce. Some famous logo designs include color, but well-designed corporate logos are recognizable and stay strong when printed in black or white as well. Make sure your logo is strong, too, especially if you plan to advertise in the phone book or other print platforms.

Effective at any size

Your business logo needs to appear on all your company communications, which means different sizes and formats must render the logo consistently and professionally. Make sure your logo design is flexible enough to appear as suitable on huge billboards as it does on tiny and mid-size applications; scalability is imperative, especially when pens or lanyards are part of your marketing mix.

Timeless, not trendy

When creating or updating your logo, be sure to keep it classy. If you choose to follow a fad or a trend when designing your company logo, you may end up limiting its life.  It is difficult to support current messaging with a dated and irrelevant logo.

Show, don’t tell

Unless your logo is made up of the company name, lettering in a logo design should be disconnected from the primary graphic and able to stand alone — without text. Many famous logos appear without the company name, and a well-designed logo is recognizable after a certain introductory period without the company name.

Pro produced

Designing a simple logo that attracts your target customers and motivates them to buy your product or service may seem like an easy enough task, but a professional designer can add vital expertise and insight to your final design.  The pros make a living by creating effective logos, which means all the training and experience they gain from working on other projects can benefit your business logo! Enlisting the help of a professional design team also ensures you avoid many common mistakes that amateurs often make.